Hair Fortification

Hair Fortification fortification: noun|fȯr-tə-fə-ˈkā-shən|something that fortifies, defends, or strengthens Your long, luscious, thick and healthy hair needs to be nurtured, protected and defended from a slew of enemies. Stealthy enemies like: extreme stress; side effects of beta blockers, antidepressants and blood thinners; iron, lysine, protein, vitamin or fatty acid deficiency; imbalance of estrogen, testosterone and thyroid […]

Alopecia Areata Treatment

Alopecia Areata Treatment It can be shocking, embarrassing, disorienting, devastating. It can happen seemingly out of the blue to men, women and children of all ethnic groups – usually before age 30. Alopecia (al-oh-PEE-shah) is unpredictablepotentially body wide hair loss that traditional medicine claims can’t be cured. It affects around 6.8 million Americans who carry […]

Hair Falling Out In Clumps?

Female Pattern Baldness Hair Restoration Could your hair be your antenna to the cosmos – and, to your latest crush?  Native cultures and high couture designers across the globe seem to agree that it is. Coco Channel was keenly aware of hair power when she said:  “A woman who cuts her hair is about to […]

Thinning Hair Remedies

Male Pattern Baldness Hair Restoration Bald is beautiful – yes.  But, in the eyes of three quarters of women surveyed, thick and luscious is preferable. According to the American Hair Loss Association,two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of noticeable hair loss by age 35, and approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair by […]


Medical Professional Viewing Only (Disclaimer)</font color>

This site was intended for education purposes only and strictly for use by medical professionals. The FDA recently re-confirmed, there is only one registered stem cell product, and while there is enormous promise in stem cell therapies, and thousands of ongoing experimental applications trying to establish efficacy, these are not at the point where they would meet the scientific standard.
The FDA has stated:
Stem cells, like other medical products that are intended to treat, cure or prevent disease, generally require FDA approval before they can be marketed. FDA has not approved any stem cell-based products for use, other than cord blood-derived hematopoietic progenitor cells (blood forming stem cells) for certain indications.
This site is not intended for consumers.
If you are considering stem cell treatment in the U.S., ask your physician if the necessary FDA approval has been obtained or if you will be part of an FDA-regulated clinical study. This also applies if the stem cells are your own. Even if the cells are yours, there are safety risks, including risks introduced when the cells are manipulated after removal.
“There is a potential safety risk when you put cells in an area where they are not performing the same biological function as they were when in their original location in the body.” Cells in a different environment may multiply, form tumors, or may leave the site you put them in and migrate somewhere else.
If you are considering having stem cell treatment in another country, learn all you can about regulations covering the products in that country. Exercise caution before undergoing treatment with a stem cell-based product in a country that—unlike the U.S.—may not require clinical studies designed to demonstrate that the product is safe and effective. FDA does not regulate stem cell treatments used solely in countries other than the United States and typically has little information about foreign establishments or their stem cell products.
Stem cell therapies have enormous promise, but the science in each use is still in the developmental stage. Professional judgment and expertise is needed in using stem cells for any therapeutic use, and we urge anyone embarking on the use of stem cell therapies to consult the national health data bases to evaluate current information from clinical trials and the FDA websites on human tissue should also be consulted to get its current evaluation of any therapy.